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Marquee Club Honorees

Please complete this form to cast your nomination for the 2023 Little Theatre Marquee Club Honoree.

It's once again time to nominate an OUTSTANDING member of the Little Theatre Family for our Marquee Award. The nominee must have contributed more than 10 years to Little Theatre. This individual will also have  contributed to the success of the organization over those years in multiple capacities. The award is presented annually to an individual with outstanding long-time, diverse service to the Little Theatre, and who better to turn to than our valued patrons and members! At this time, we do not award the Marquee Member posthumously.

The deadline to submit nominations is August 1, 2023.

-Marquee Club Members-


Tom Albury, Susan Brothers, Robert Button, Iona Craft, Debi DeVore, Pam Douglas, Lucille Flora, Dorothy Goodman, Andrea and Marjorie Hanson, Wilma and Bart Herman, Doris Hofacker, Kenn and Sally Holmes, Karen and Rex Huffman, Rich Jagunic, Paul Jarvis, Don Kirk, Edith Whitehouse-Lewis, Melody and Robert Liberatore, Roxie Long, Jerry Marlowe, Betty McCreary, Doug McIntire, Isabel Miler, Machelle Miller, Mark Mitchell, Allison & Tom Morris, Tom Police, Pat Potter, Mike and Mim Rapport, Vickie Stocksdale, Gerry Stoughton, Delbert Walker and Penny Zurcher.

Tom Albury.jpg

2020 Marquee Club Winner

Tom Albury

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