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All of the following information may also be found here.

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Forms for the submission of scripts and requests to direct will be available beginning October 13, 2023 through October 27, 2023 at 10:00 p.m. The Board has approved the following dates for performances in the 2024-2025 Season.

*Whether there is a two-week run from Thursday to Sunday or from Friday to Sunday with two matinees will depend on the Holiday script selected.

**The Play Reading Committee is not assigned to select the Children’s Workshop script, due to its educational purpose.


  1. Only submit a script for reading and consideration which you have also read, from beginning to end.

  2. If you, as a director, are offended by the language, do not submit the script.  All accepted scripts will be performed as written, with no changes.  Likewise, if you seek to add material for performance, the additional material must be submitted along with the play for review by the Committee and approval by the Board.

  3. The Committee will read any submitted original script.  If selected, it will be placed on the regular season.

  4. Consider whether the show can be cast with local talent, taking into consideration the size of cast, the time of year, the number of men required, etc.

  5. Consider the set requirements and the limitations of the available space.

  6. Be aware that the Committee is seeking a balanced season which speaks to the mission of The Little Theatre.

  7. As we celebrate many decades in the community, consider whether there are some shows which historically did well and could be produced again.

  8. Keep in mind that shows submitted for Black Box consideration should fit the definition of a black box production. This anticipates very basic technical arrangements, simple lighting, and an intimate focus on story, writing and performances. A musical may be considered, if it fits the black box description.  The Committee will consider adding a show in the Black Box Winter spot if there is an appropriate option presented.

  9. The dates for the 2024-2025 season allow more time than in previous years for rehearsing a holiday production.  You may submit any play for holiday consideration, but may also want to consider one of these, as well.  Please study the scripts first, and consider the items listed, above:

    1. Holiday Inn

    2. White Christmas

    3. A Christmas Story, the musical

    4. A Christmas Story, non-musical

    5. A Christmas Carol, the musical

    6. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, the musical

  10. The Committee began asking for a vision statement several years ago.  Some questions have been raised as to what that should include.  This section of the application was made available to address many issues, as may apply to the submission.  

You can use your vision statement in several ways; there is no requirement to address all of the below items.  But it is helpful to the Committee to know what the Director’s vision is artistically and practically, for example:

  • Describe your passion for the particular script.  What compelled you to choose it?

  • Describe how you plan to address a specialized set requirement, e.g. a multi-level set, a significant unusual prop (like a flying car in “Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang”), a flying person, etc.

  • Describe how you plan to address special casting requirements, e.g. if there is a role which must be played by a person of a particular race or ethnicity, is the director aware of persons interested in auditioning?

  • Discuss how you believe the script is relevant in current times, if you are submitting something which may seem dated.  (For example, “Promises, Promises” upon initial reading seemed dated, but the vision statement included, in part, the following comment, which assisted the committee in considering the script in a different light:  “...I would focus on the characters trying to make it in the business world at any cost, and the ramifications of their actions….”)

  • Discuss how you would present the script within the space of the theatre. 

  • Discuss how you believe the script will further the mission of The Little Theatre.

For examples of vision statements from the 2022-2023 season, please see here.

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