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Casting News!

On behalf of Writer and Director Shawn Clay and his production team, we are thrilled to announce the cast for "A General Cause of Death" at Little Theatre!

It is sometime in the early to mid 1980's.  Private detective Glenn Ferrari is celebrating the capture of a deadly criminal, when he receives some bad news.  The sudden death of a witness has resulted in the charges being dropped.  Glenn must find out how and why the witness was found dead, and if it was murder.  The deeper Glenn digs at this mystery, the more nefarious it becomes.  Fans of Blake Edwards' Pink Panther films will delight in this spoof of the noir genre, 1980's style.  Rounding out the story are a femme fatale, a drug dealing sleazebag, and some of the most inept, albeit deadly criminals ever to grace the stage.  When the world needed a hero...they got Glenn Ferrari instead.

General Cause of Deth Cast List.png
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