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2020 Board Candidates

Larissa selfie - Larissa Carrick.jpg

Name: Larissa Carrick

Hometown: Born in Marquette, MI, but grew up in Kent, Ohio. I’ve been in Dover since 2001.

What and when was your first experience at LT? The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, as Rona Lisa Peretti in 2013

Why do you want to join the Board? The Little Theatre is a vital fixture in our community and something we should all be proud of. It has given me, and hundreds of others like me, so many opportunities over the years and each performance, whether I was on stage or off, has had a positive impact on my life. I just wish to contribute in a different way and do more to help this theater be successful.

Background: I have a BA of English Studies from Kent State University. I’ve performed at several theaters in Northeast Ohio, including 3 years with Live Entertainment at Cedar Point. I studied musical theater at AMDA in New York but ultimately returned before graduating because I missed Ohio! I also have about 10 years of experience in sales and marketing.

Anything else you would like to share? I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has given their time and talents over the years to make this theater such a special place.


Name: Pam Douglas

Hometown: Dover, born and raised, graduated from DHS

What and when was your first experience at LT? Working backstage for "Annie" in 2000

Why do you want to join the Board? To improve the communication between the board and the members of the theater.

Background: 20+ years at LT--including on stage, backstage, props chair, previous Board President, Vice President, and board member several terms, setting and running lights, costumes, hair and makeup, set building, and Marquee Club recipient in 2016
10+ years working on productions at Dover High School as production assistant including props, hair, and make up

Anything else you would like to share? I have been married to my husband, Paul for 40 years. I have 2 children, 3 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild. I have worked at Discount Drug Mart as a pharmacy technician for 17 years.


Name: Lee Elliott

Hometown: Alliance, OH, New York, California, Dover, OH

What and when was your first experience at LT? Assistant Directing "Oliver!" in 2007

Why do you want to join the Board? I would like to be part of encouraging the membership to be more involved in the theater. I would also like to lend my expertise to new directors or to help them solve problems that I have already experienced.

Background: I have more than 50 years of experience in directing, including all related facets of theater, teaching high school and college theater, directing in Community Theater, the administrative and business segments. I am knowledgeable about music, play several instruments and have directed most of the musical classics. I was a lead drama teacher for a school district of 55,000 students, a drama mentor teacher for the state of California and an award winning director in Northern California. My Masters degree is in administration and curriculum. Since I have been here, I have directed seven plays and asst. directed or worked in other capacities in many others. The Little Theatre is important to me. I feel that my qualifications are such that I would be of value to the board.

Anything else you would like to share? I am really interested in helping the membership become an integral part of the theater.I am a professional writer, published in many newspapers and national magazines. My column for Seniors runs weekly in the Times Reporter.I have been doing publicity for the theater for most of the time I've been affiliated.

Headshot (002) - Keturah.PNG

Name: Kettie Kneuss

Hometown: New Philadelphia

What and when was your first experience at LT? My first show was "Hello, Dolly!" in 2005

Why do you want to join the Board? The timing is right for me to be able to take a more active role in the leadership of theater. I see great potential in growing the sense of community and belonging among the general members of the theater. While it is great to have a core group of contributors, I believe that it is essential to the future health of the theater to expand that base beyond those that regularly volunteer. To build a community of folks that are willing to come in for one day or to have a place to be home base even if they are not able to volunteer regularly. In my professional life, I'm the one that gets people collectively excited about ideas, potentials, and opportunities and would love to be able to provide those skills to the theater. 

Background: I hold a Masters of Higher Education and a Bachelors of Communication, concentration in Visual Communication. I am employed at Kent State University at Stark, as the Assistant Director of Enrollment Management and Student Services. Responsible for the recruitment of students for the university, including strategic leadership, creative marketing, and partnerships with HS and educational partners. Lead and manage a team of 17 staff members.

-Currently serve as the Technical Director for LT's Community Caring Variety Show (4 years)
-Former volunteer with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Tuscarawas County (3 years)
-AmeriCorps Alumni

Anything else you would like to share? The Little Theater of Tuscarawas County has been a home base for me in the community for the last 15 years. After being away for several years, it was a place I could come right back too. I love live theater and think that it is such a vital piece of the arts community for the patrons, performers, and volunteers. It is a place for creatives to hone their craft, provides a home for teenagers that love performing, and at the same time a hang out for adults that are looking for a community of friends. The LT means a lot to me and I want to help ensure that this place is around for a long time to come. 

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Name: Roxie Long

Hometown: Zoarville

What and when was your first experience at LT? Performing in the 1994 production of "Mame"

Why do you want to join the Board? I want to have input into the on-going success of the theatre and I feel with my background at The Little Theatre I have the experience to contribute. 

Background: I have been a member of LT for 26 years. I am a Marquee Award recipient. I have worked in almost every aspect of the theatre:On stage, back stage, concessions, box office, usher.
I previously served on the board and served two terms as president.  It was during my presidency that we received a grant to replace the seats in the theatre and also During this time it was discovered that money had been stolen from the theatre by our previous treasurer.  I spent most of a year dealing with that situation and he was finally jailed as a result.
I love the theatre and want to see it grow and thrive in the community.  I believe with my experience, I can help make that happen. 

Anything else you would like to share? I would like to encourage the membership to add a mix of younger folks as well as those who have experience in the theatre to the board. It would be helpful in order to combine new ideas as well as learning what has worked well in the past.

20200831_214054 - Jeff Williams.jpg

Name: Jeff Williams

Hometown: Ashtabula, Ohio

What and when was your first experience at LT? Serving as a Green Room parent for the 2014 production of "Willy Wonka"

Why do you want to join the Board? I have had the opportunity to be an audience member, then a parent working the Green Room and during strike, then a bit part as an unnamed fireman and finally as a named actor in 2 plays. Through it all I have cherished the friendships I have made and hold so much respect for actors, directors, producers, backstage crew and everyone in between. I want to be in a place to help them and continue making this place the special beacon it has always been in our community.

Background: Bachelors Journalism from Ohio University, sportswriter for TR 2000 to 2008; Teaching degree Ashland then Masters in Administration Ashland. Teacher at Claymont and New Phila and Administrator at Garaway. Currently Director of Student Services at Garaway

Anything else you would like to share? The Little Theatre has become another home for my daughter Grace, my wife Tennille and for me. I want to be a part of making it home to our community.

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